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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 20, 2009 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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the weekend in the trial of sheila dixon. >> the jury deliberated the fate as the mayor spent the day waiting in the courthouse. >> jayne miller begins our team coverage. >> jurors sent a note to the judge about 3:45 p.m., saying that they were asking to go home because things had gotten a little overheated. what does that mean? it is anybody's guess. mayor sheila dixon walked from the rear of the court house to city hall, at the end of the day. her guilt or innocence still undecided. she said she spends -- she intends to spend the weekend between personal life and work. >> we appreciate the fact that this jury is taken this very seriously, that they are obviously working very hard. >> notes from jurors request
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guidance and legal definitions. one described deliberations as a bit overheated as they decided each of the criminal counts. >> assaad have no idea what the jury is thinking. -- i have no idea what the jury is thinking. >> they apply the facts to the legal issues. >> and the judge admonished jurors not to watch or read news about the case, talk about it to others or among themselves outside the whole group. the judge is concerned about factions forming depending on the position that each favors. >> you jurors returned to court at 9:00 a.m. monday. sometimes, the jurors get a weekend off and the comeback with a fresh outlook. this is a matter of speculation as to what may go on in that
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jury room. >> figuring out what a jury is doing is like picking tomorrow's lottery numbers. it does not work that way. the note clearly indicated that they were struggling with legal definition and were at odds over reaching a verdict. >> although it is just a snapshot in time, a note from the jury may offer insight as to where they are and what they may be thinking. >> a note on the first day of deliberation reveal clues that the panel was not getting along. >> this was a strongly contested trial. it should not be surprising that jurors will have strongly held a different points of view. >> the jury asked for a legal dictionary and the judge said no. >> they are wrestling with legal terms and this is what happens
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inside of the jury. >> we want jurors to be wrestling and questioning, as long as they are listening to one another. >> they inquired as to the prodding a person of prop -- property -- >> if i continue to hold on to property and do not tell you about it, that is where the intent may be formed. >> the judge told the panel where they will find some guidance. just like the first day, the second day ended with a note. >> the defense wants one juror to find a reasonable doubt. that way, the defendant is not found guilty. this agreement can be very
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healthy, up to the point that the jury says they cannot reach a verdict and then the judge has to decide whether or not it is time to call an end to the trial or to encourage the jurors to deliberate lauder. >> reporting live from courthouse east, the bba ltv 11 news. >> we have continuing coverage on our website. you can follow the proceedings and all of team coverage. >> police want to find a person that killed one outside a west baltimore funeral home. in a strange twist of fate, she was visiting her boyfriend was killed just last week. we are alive with more. >> funeral homes are usually thought of as safe havens, a place you can trust. that trust was broken last night when a woman was gunned down in front of this funeral home in
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west baltimore and now police are looking into the possibility that her murder convicted to her boyfriend's murder which is what she was read the first place. -- was here in the first place. it was a sad and shocking events. at a woman was gunned down after the first viewing of her boyfriend who was previously murdered. mortician joseph brown says that murder funerals always get more security, but this is what -- this was a viewing which never seems to be a problem. >> we try to keep this from happening. >> the boyfriend was shot several times in the head back on november 11. it is unclear why his girlfriend left the viewing to go outside, but some relatives said that she
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received a texas is to go outside. we are going at every avenue and every angle to come to a determination as to whether or not they are related. >> unfortunately, violent incidents like this one are playing out more and more. maryland's president of morticians and funeral directors say that there is no excuse for it. >> the funeral was held in front of a heavy police presence. family members tell us that no idea who could have committed either one of these murders. if you have an affirmation, you are asked to call police. we are live in west baltimore. >> maryland state police say that a woman wanted for robbing
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pharmacies -- a man wanted for robbing pharmacies was arrested. he was caught walking to a getaway car after the pharmacy was robbed. police say that he was wanted in the robbery of two other pharmacies and a restaurant. >> thousands of new jobs are coming to the port of baltimore. along with those new jobs is new money to be pumped into the economy. >> gov. martin o'malley took to the podium and said that thousands of jobs and millions of dollars were about to flow into maryland. this is all due to a new terminal. >> state and local officials made their way onto the marine terminal to hear the
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announcement that port america has signed a contract to operate the terminal for the next 50 years. the development could be summed up in three words, jobs, jobs, jobs. this is good news for those who have spent their lives on these stocks. >> this is the first time anything like this has ever been done. this is a big day for the port of baltimore. >> my livelihood and my security is sound. >> 3000 jobs will be in place for years. there is a $105.5 million price tag on ia new berth. >> we will need to be able to accommodate those ships so that we can create more jobs. >> there is the potential of
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$1.3 billion over the 50 year agreement and is expected to generate $50.7 million per year for maryland. >> this agreement would help make our port of more track -- more attractive shipping destination -- our port a more attractive shipping destination. >> they will pay for the preservation of roads and bridges. >> still to come, with just a week to go before thanksgiving, one part of baltimore is beginning to look like christmas. >> or red -- rev. jeremiah right comes to town -- a jeremiah wright is coming to -- rev. jeremiah wright is coming to town.
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what's the big question is, how will the weekend end up as a new store will be approaching from the south. -- a new storm will be approaching from the south. here is what is coming up on jell-o. >> the new twilight movie is on the program and we go jaywalking and arsenio hall. only on wbal-tv 11. only on wbal-tv 11. >> dealer: well, during the volkswagen sign then drive event you can get a jetta, tiguan or award winning cc for practically just your signature. and volkswagen even covers scheduled maintenance at no cost. it can't be that easy...
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that was pretty easy.
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>> 400 families and east of baltimore are ready. people lined up and members of his foundation handed dinners out to those in need. the boxes included turkey with
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all the fixings. >> all summer preparing for thanksgiving, others are preparing for christmas. workers started stringing lights. b g e donated the energy- efficient lights. wbal-tv 11 is your official monument lighting station. we hope that you'll join us for our holiday special, two weeks from tonight. we will all be there and there will be a spectacular fireworks and laser light show like baltimore has never seen before. there is only one place where you can watch it. that is live, right here, on wbal-tv 11 at 7:00 p.m., thursday, december 3. rev. of jeremiah wright and will be in baltimore tonight. >> will rev. of jeremiah light
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causes controversy wherever he goes. rev. wright became world famous as the fiery former preacher to barack obama before he became president. he spoke with and mccarthy on the campus of the university. >> extremists on the right and left serve a purpose. i think that people such as the speaker of the house that are deciding not to go are missing an opportunity to make their own statement as to who we are as a statement. >> rev. wright is expected to speak -- rev. wright expected to speak tonight. >> now, your 11 insta-weather +
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forecast and with tom tussler buyer. >> we're watching the weather system to our south. we will see if it plays out that way. we will be during some other. we will see of that system will clear out clear things out. today was 62 in the inner harbor. another day with normal -- and warmer than normal temperatures. -- another day with warmer than normal to birchers. we are 12 degrees warmer than the average for this time of year. it looks like that we will end up being a little chillier. a brief clearing pattern is
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behind that. there are storms about to pop up. it looks like temperatures will settle back into the third is and stay in the '40's. there may be a few scattered clouds from time to time one rainmaker is out of here and it will be dry today and tomorrow rain is already getting up into new orleans. -- today and tomorrow. rain has already getting up into new warrants. -- is already getting up into moorlands -- new orleans.
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most of this rain will pass through our system. a northwest breeze at 5-10 m.p.h.. around the bay, temperatures in the low 60s. on the day, light winds running about 1 foot. at the ribbons game, it is kickoff time. it looks like 52 degrees with dry weather through the afternoon. heading home, you should see temperatures of around 50. showers are possible after sunset on sunday evening. it will be a little cooler on sunday. there is a slight risk for
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shower on tuesday. -- a shower on third -- on tuesday. >> now, 11 sports. >> you cannot help but notice a little extra energy this week. that is always the way it is when the colts come to town. some players remain questionable thanks to ray physical game in cleveland. this was a hard, clean it, but one that lingered. o j smith patiently bided his time. >> there are a couple of guys
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who have an opportunity to play based on how other people play. we have tremendous confidence in him. >> the last note on that monday night her there was a fine for that hit on josh. it does not appear in any way unnecessary or dirty, and if believed allows character testimony, it will probably be wiped away. nothing was wrong on the play. it was a clean hit. the university of maryland has offered the best field hockey program in the country. for this year's team to do something for best in school, it
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was a 2-0 start. cave fire into the net and it went on to run from there. this was a great shot. they're now 23-0 and will face north carolina. a great weekend of college hoops. tournament wrapped up on the sunday evening. you can wash the championship game from wbal plus. they are proud sponsor and the
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pride of maryland. >> epeqdpepdpdpgxgpgpgpgxgxgxgñgz
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>> women's health is at the center of another controversial debate. this time, about pap smears how often women should get them. 29, at 11:00 p.m., one particular group is changing guidelines. if you missed cobra's biggest announcement today, we will show it to you. these and much more when you
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>> hopefully the rain is out of here for a little bit. >> for today and tomorrow and most of sunday. we will watch that rain near new orleans and that will take awhile to get up this far north. it looks like that arrives later sunday night and so, for our region, it looks like we're in for some decent weather. we will be back around 60 tomorrow.
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then rain on sunday night into monday. i just checked the maps and it looks like some dry and mild weather out west. it is a really good travel day. a brief shower on thanksgiving day and a chili high of 44. thanksgiving day into friday, it will feel more like november. >> it will be of the 30's. >> that is the top of your list. i thought you would go for the big screen tv. a thank-you for joining us. >> we will see you back here at 11 pm. good night. e
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